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“Long ago, everything on earth was organic, and the word ‘organic’­ didn’t even exist. In this mass-production society it is rather hard to find items that are purely organic and produced in sustainable way. Fortunately, we are in a generation that is aware of these mistakes and we are starting to change our ways.”

The care for the environment, the planet, and animals are the main inspirations for her line. Only the finest organic and sustainably made materials are used in her line, including organic cotton, organic linen, hemp, and organic wool.

It is our responsibility as members of this planet to be sustainable and tread lightly on the natural world we live in so that we all can enjoy the beauty of this planet and pass it on to future generations.



Born in Aichi, Japan, 1975. Having an art school graduate mother, Mika grew up surrounded by various art materials. She started drawing even before her earliest memory and spent all her childhood, drawing, creating and loving animals. During high school she won a free trip to Australia in a lottery and discovered her fascination with international cultures and meeting people from different backgrounds. After high shool, Mika studied English at Koryo international college in Aichi, after which she went to England to join in a one year art program at Norwich school of Art & Design. Through this study and her visits to New York City, she found her primary interest to be in Graphic Design, thus deciding to pursue further education at Fashion Institude of Technology in NYC. While attending FIT, she also learned silkscreen printing, and started printing her designs on paper. She soon expanded her printing medium from paper to fabric and started designing her own clothes with her original prints. The original clothing line, MIKA ORGANIC started naturally as she expand her line while using only organic materials.